Story: Alpha’s bethrothed Chapter 1

It’s a story about a young woman named Alyssa who is bethrothed to the Alpha of a pack.

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Story: Alpha’s bethrothed Chapter 1

Chapter One

The wind tossed and dry crusted leaves fell. Alyssa Anderson

moved to Bergamo with her mother after the death of her father.He was the alpha and was overthrown by a member of the pack who is now the new alpha. It was in the process that he died.They left Mexico because it always reminds her of her father's death which brought severe pain. They wanted a new life, to start afresh and try to be happy. Bergamo was located deep inside the woods and that alone got Alyssa wondering what kind of town was located inside the woods, but what options does she have other than to follow her mom's decision.

Getting to Bergamo, it was totally different from Mexico, the weather, the wind, the people. Darby got a warm cozy cabin for them to stay in. Although they have mixed feelings, she was glad that at least she didnt feel her dads presence in every room she entered.

Alyssa decided to get to know the town. She observed that everyone in the town seemed to know everyone. She came across a grocery store and decided to get some things. She saw a group of men having a conversation and taking wine although the only thing she could make out was their loud laughter. There was this calmness in the atmosphere. She entered the store and saw that things were quite pricey. She picked four items and went to pay. She handed the elderly woman at the counter everything she had on her. The woman squeezed her face and said something in Italian. So there was going to be a problem. The woman could not understand her and she obviously couldnt understand the woman. You need to add more money. Alyssa looked down to see her savior in form of a short petite woman. She gave her a relieved smile for helping her translate the sellers words. It then dawned on her that the money she gave her was all she had . She had converted her Mexican peons to Euros on their way and somehow the money seemed less.I have no more left. Her savior which she came to know later on as Andrea reached to her purse and brought out the change. She thanked her and Andrea got to know that Alyssa was a newbie although it had been quite obvious. Andrea told her all there is to know about the town. The leader of the pack and how things were done. She made Alyssa promise to ask for her help whenever she needed assistance.

She enters the cabin and makes a quick dinner as they settled down to eat, Alyssa tells her mom about her new town friend, she tells her everything Andrea had said and her mother told her not to


associate herself with anything as that is why they have moved in the first place. Darby retires to her room and Alyssa wonders how important Andrea is to the pack. She feels envious that the petite woman had not only triggered her curse but had guts to belong and be active in a pack. She had never belonged to any pack despite her father telling her that she belonged to his pack and was even a very important member being the Alphas daughter. She did not buy into any of his convincing talks. She has not even triggered the curse. She was not bold enough to, Alyssa had watched her father fearlessly leading his pack and was in awe every time. She misses him dearly and she is sure her mother misses him more, she has being his Luna for over 40 years. She recalled her 18th birthday how she had been pressured to trigger the curse by those around her. Her friends had long done theirs but her father told her to do it only when she is ready. He had always wanted her to live a normal life. She went to high school, had normal friends too although she tried not to get too close, as there would have been a lot of questions she would need to answer.

The next day she cleans the house and put things in order. Darby clears the front for her garden to start planting. They round up with the chores and settle down when they hear a knock. Alyssa gets up to open and she is met with a wide smile. It was Andrea and she had come with a house warming gift as she called it. She tells Alyssa not to bother asking her how she found her way. Everybody knows everybodyshe said in the most casual way. She says hi to Darby and for the first time in a while Darby smiles and Alyssa was not surprised Andrea was a bubbly spirit. She tells them of a party to be hosted by the Alpha, Darby assures her they would be there to Alyssas surprise. Why is her mother agreeing to this after telling her to stay away? She agrees and Andrea looks at them in the most dramatic way ever what are you going to where?Darby tells her to be rest assured while Alyssa panics internally. Andrea was not convinced and gave them the address of a good designer in town. They agreed to go tomorrow morning and Andrea said her goodbyes.

They head to the designer shop and their measurements were taken. Alyssa explained how the dresses should be. She tells them to make a pretty corset with big sleeves. The designer ask them to fit their dresses in two days. Alyssa was overjoyed, it’s been a while she had gone for a party or any gathering at all.

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