Business you can start as a student with 50k or less

Have you ever sat and requested yourself; what business can i start with 50K or less in Nigeria? In case your answer to that question is sure, you then are on the right submit.

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Business you can start as a student with 50k or less
Business you can start as a student with 50k or less

Have you ever sat and requested yourself; what business can i start with 50K or less in Nigeria? In case your answer to that question is sure, you then are on the right submit.

In this put up, i am going to expose you 10 organizations you could begin with 50k or less in Nigeria. In case you delve into any of these groups, you is probably to your manner to walking your very own small commercial enterprise.

Startups and small corporations are the bedrock of economies. That is because small agencies offer employment for human beings while the government and massive non-public groups can't. Additionally, small groups assist clear up issues in society. Greater importantly, small agencies help marketers to grow to be self-reliant and come to be economically possible citizens.

It is because of the positives that many Nigerians have grow to be extra interested by entrepreneurship and running their personal agencies. But, due to the cruel realities of the economic system in Nigeria and lots of different African nations, individuals seeking to begin small corporations do no longer have enough capital to project into entrepreneurship.

Therefore, many Africans and indeed Nigerians are on the lookout for business opportunities that they are able to start with small capital.

Business you can start as a student with 50k or less

In this put up, we're going to cover 10 organizations that you could begin with much less than 50K (50,000 Naira) in Nigeria. We have already protected the businesses that you could begin with 100k on this submit, but with the nice feedback we obtained, we want to break it down even further and show you companies you could begin with a smaller capital.

What commercial enterprise am i able to start With 50K In Nigeria?

Noodle Stand

Beginning a noodle stand is a commercial enterprise that is pretty worthwhile in many parts of Nigeria. All you want to start this enterprise is a gasoline cooker or kerosene stove, seats for clients to sit and devour, and most importantly, a busy place.

Maximum noodle stands sell a plate of noodles and eggs for about 350 Naira. The plate of noodles normally includes packs of noodles and one egg. A p.C. Of small-sized noodles costs 60-70 Naira and an egg prices 50 Naira. So with a value charge of 190 Naira, you may make a groovy profit of a hundred Naira on just one plate of noodles when you component in other fees just like the cost of kerosine or fuel. Here’s an approximate breakdown of ways tons it takes to begin a noodle stand enterprise.


Price Breakdown

  • Gasoline Cooker: 10,000 Naira to shop for the cooker and fill it with cooking gas
  • Utensils: 7,000 to shop for plastic plates, forks and spoons.
  • 2 Cartons of Noodles: 5200 Naira (at 2,six hundred Naira each)
  • 1 crate of eggs: 1,three hundred Naira
  • Plastic chairs and tables: 10500 (8500 for five plastic chairs, 3000 for plastic table)
  • Area lease: you could lease an open area in lots of regions in Lagos for as low as 2,500 in step with month

Overall price: approximately 36,500 Naira or much less.


Soap manufacturing

Soap manufacturing is any other outstanding business concept that you could begin with 50k or much less in Nigeria. And the amazing aspect is that you can start your cleaning soap production business from the comfort of your property. So what do you want to begin your cleaning soap manufacturing enterprise?


A moulding machine

A reducing machine

A trimming system

Important chemical compounds and substances

Fee Breakdown

Equipment price:N10,000 

Cleaning soap Recipes cost: among N15,000 to N20,000.

Branding value: N20,000.

We covered in detail the way to begin a profitable liquid soap enterprise in Nigeria. Through going thru the post, you will recognize the chemical substances to buy, wherein to purchase them, how to mix them, and lots greater. The paid content that carries the investment analysis may be found here.


Perfume Oil sales

Another example of a worthwhile enterprise that you can start with 50k or less in Nigeria is to come to be a perfume oil vendor. Starting this enterprise is specially clean due to the fact you don’t want an excessive amount of device to start. All you want to start this exceptional commercial enterprise idea is to get in contact with a reliable perfume oil provider that sells the fragrances that your customers like.

After that, procure perfume bottles (usually 1ML) with which to promote your merchandise. Thereafter, you may begin advertising your fragrance oils and make an fantastic earnings.

You can purchase 10ML of a fragrance at 1,800 Naira then resell at 1,000 Naira according to 1ML bottle to your customers. While you do away with the price of the 1ML packing containers you will be using, you could make as a great deal as 500-700 Naira income in line with 1ML.

Price Breakdown

Perfume Oil(wholesale): 15,000

1ML bottles: 2500 for 50 pieces

Total price: 17, 500

Thrift keep

Starting a thrift store is another outstanding instance of a enterprise that you may start with 50k or less in Nigeria. In truth, you could begin this enterprise with as little as 20,000 Naira in Nigeria. Right here’s how you can go about it:

Visit a 2d-hand clothes marketplace like Yaba or Supa market in Abule-Egba, Lagos

Liaise with the second one-hand garments merchants inside the market and choose some of their quality objects

Package the clothes while you get domestic and start marketing on your audience.

There are loads of proper clothes that you may buy at those markets at 500 Naira and resell at 1,000 Naira or 1,500 Naira. It's far a excellent enterprise to remember going into.


Value Breakdown

Capital: between 10,000-50,000


Popcorn manufacturing business

You can start a popcorn production commercial enterprise in Nigeria with a completely small capital and make an amazing earnings. What you want to make a great earnings in the popcorn production business in Nigeria is a great region. With an excellent location, you'll be able to promote enough popcorn to break even and make profits.

What you want to start a worthwhile popcorn commercial enterprise in Nigeria is a popcorn maker, a nylon sealer, and the corn itself. Permit’s check how much it costs to begin a popcorn enterprise in Nigeria.

Fee Breakdown

Nylon Sealer: 1,900

Popcorn Maker: 29,000

Maize: thirteen,500 (50kg)

Ingredients: 3,000 Naira

Overall cost: forty six,500


Mini-Importation enterprise

Mini-importation is any other enterprise idea that you may begin with 50k or less in Nigeria. The trick with mini-importation is to understand the business so that you can make an excellent income. The purpose is to go for something light-weight so you don’t pay much when clearing.

Whilst you buy those gadgets off websites like Alibaba and Aliexpress, one positive location to speedy sell the ones matters off is on e-commerce web sites like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. Some objects you could import and sell very without difficulty in Nigeria consist of the following:


  • Selfie sticks
  • Automobile trackers
  • Headphones
  • Wrists watches
  • Cellphone instances

You could purchase a number of those objects for as little as 800 Naira every, clean and package deal them and then promote them at 5,000 Naira, giving you approximately 3,000-five,000 Naira earnings.


Cost Breakdown

Capital: 30,000-50,000


Grow to be A Used-automobile supplier

In case you are attempting to find a enterprise initially 50k or much less in Nigeria, becoming a used-vehicle dealer is a superb area to start. This is an first-rate enterprise possibility in Nigeria a good way to value you honestly not anything in case you already own a phone.

All you want is to have a way of transportation either private or industrial so you can pass around easily. Pass around, and find automobiles which have already been labeled for sale.

Thereafter, you could vicinity a name to the car proprietor and ask them the cost of the vehicle. With that records, take photos of the auto, and upload them to e-commerce web sites with the information and also upload your commission. With that, you're on your manner to turning into an entrepreneur.

Price Breakdown

Zero. All you need is a phone and a method of transportation.


Start A Printing/Branding business

Every other great business idea you can execute with very little startup price is the printing and branding commercial enterprise. To begin this enterprise, you need to connect with customers and expert printers. In Lagos country, printers are mainly observed in Mushin, Shomolu, and Ogba- discover in which printers are based totally on your vicinity. After that, get their contacts, and begin advertising and marketing your printing enterprise to prospective customers.

While you get an inquiry, just name your printing contacts to get a quote for the job. Thereafter, add your commission to the quote and send it to the purchaser. In the event that they decide to patronise you, you may begin earning profits out of your printing business for free.

Cost Breakdown

. You may begin your printing commercial enterprise without spending lots.


Small-Scale Farming

In case you live in a network where there's an abundance of proper farmlands, then you definitely ought to do not forget going into small-scale farming.

Look for correct farmland to rent, decide at the form of vegetation to domesticate, and have interaction labourers to clean and till the farm. After planting, screen the farm to understand while to weed the farm, and when your vegetation are ripe for harvesting. Test the maximum profitable agricultural business you could begin these days and begin being profitable.

Value Breakdown

Land rent: 20,000 Naira per annum or much less (in a faraway community)


Labourers costs: five,000-15,000 Naira relying on farm size

Cost of raw crops: three,000-five,000 Naira

General value: 38,000 Naira


Cook-On-call for enterprise

A amazing business that you can start with 50k or less in Nigeria is a cook dinner-on-call for business. A cook-on-call for business is one where clients contact you to help them make food anytime they need it for a rate. To begin this enterprise, you need to have wonderful networking competencies and excellent cooking abilties.

The tough issue of this commercial enterprise is getting human beings to understand approximately your services. But yet again human beings know about you, you'll be getting enterprise through word-of-mouth referrals.

While starting this enterprise, make certain that you print complimentary playing cards and community. Any other thing to put in angle in reality quickly is your pricing. Determine for your expenses and be constant with that. So what do you want to start a cook-on-call for enterprise?


Fee Breakdown

Cooking Utensils: 10,000 Naira (pots and spoons)

Complimentary cards: 5,000 Naira

Total cost: 15,000 Naira


With the state of affairs of the Nigerian financial system, it's miles a incredible idea to need to go into enterprise. Regrettably, the capital needed to start maximum corporations in Nigeria is a bit on the high side. Thankfully, we were capable of pick out 10 organizations that you could start with 50k or much less in Nigeria. Please do your own independent research to affirm that these organizations are worthwhile in your network.

Did we pass over a few commercial enterprise thoughts? Please percentage them in the feedback. We can like to examine from you.

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