What are the 3 Gen Z makeup trends in 2023?

Jul 10, 2023 - 09:43
Jul 10, 2023 - 09:43
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What are the 3 Gen Z makeup trends in 2023?
Gen z’s make up trends 2023

What are the 3 Gen Z makeup trends in 2023?

Gen Z’s are more focused on creating an attitude than a full-studied look. They use make-up as a means of expression and change their make-up every day according to their mood. It's all about enjoying and celebrating who you are instead of trying to change yourself.

Indeed, Gen Z consumers are fast becoming the dominant consumers when it comes to purchasing makeup and skincare products. So it's not a surprise that they are responsible for some of the biggest trends in beauty. Even if you're not a Gen Z, you can and should be a part of these beautiful trends. From soft-girl Aesthetic makeup to Dark Feminine, to Soft-Glam look read on for  the trends we're trying out.

Soft-Girl Aesthetic Makeup


A soft girl is a woman who appreciates beautiful things, responds   to her needs and desires as a woman, and nurtures a gentle and  loving existence so that she can grow.

The Soft Girl aesthetic look embodies femininity and evokes   images of tenderness and innocence. Originally associated with  Korean beauty standards popularized by TikTok, the soft girl look  is  now recognized worldwide. Simplicity is key to achieving a soft girl’s a look. The goal is to look effortlessly natural, like you just got out of bed with minimal makeup.

Products to use:

Brow gel, blush, concealer for the under eye, nude eyeshadow shade, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick.



The Dark Feminine aesthetic look, embodies a strong, confident and  seductive expression of femininity. It brings out the facial features and exudes an aura that inspires respect.

This beauty is achieved through the use of smokey eyes and expertly. 

Products to use:

Brow gel, a blush, concealer, contour palette, eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, lashes, highlighter, and bold lipstick.

Soft-Glam look.

When you think of a soft glam look, glowing skin and a bright smile immediately come to mind. Unlike the full-coverage makeup, soft  glam  is a makeup style that avoids sharplines. Unlike its counterparts, as soft glam is achieved without extensive contouring or the use of bold lip and eye colors.

Products to use:

 Foundation. Eyeshadow, preferably nude, highlighter / blush, and brow gel.



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