Will I find my Peace

Jul 11, 2023 - 21:16
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In the depths of my restless soul I seek,
A glimmer of peace, a solace I speak.
But the chaos within me, it roams and roams,
Like a wild tempest, I am tossed and blown.

Will I find my peace amidst the storm's rage?
Or will it elude me, like a fleeting mirage?
The constant battle, the turmoil within,
Leaves me wondering if peace I can win.

Yet in the darkest moments, a whisper appears,
A gentle reminder to release my fears.
For peace, it resides not in the external strife,
But within my own heart, where it comes to life.

So I search within, to the depths of my core,
Seeking the peace that I long for.
In stillness and acceptance, I start to find,
A glimmer of hope, a tranquil mind.

Though the journey may be long and steep,
I hold onto faith, my soul I keep.
For one day, I know, I will find release,
And in that moment, my spirit shall find peace.

So I press on, with a heart so bold,
In pursuit of the peace that will unfold.
With each step I take, closer I draw,
To the serenity I seek, without a flaw.

Will I find my peace? I believe I will,
For within me lies the strength to fulfill.
With every breath, with every beat,
I inch closer to the peace I will meet.

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