Osun: Adeleke orders payment of pensions

Jul 1, 2023 - 10:33
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Osun: Adeleke orders payment of pensions

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has taken decisive action by issuing a directive for the prompt payment of pension entitlements as outlined in the template that was released earlier this year. This announcement was made through a press release by the governor's spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed.

During a visit by thought leaders who had come to pay him a Sallah homage, Adeleke emphasized that he had been made aware of the concerns expressed by pensioners on multiple occasions. He reassured them of his unwavering commitment to addressing these concerns in alignment with the promises he made during his campaign.

The Governor affirmed that the template, which was introduced earlier in the year to address outstanding salary and pension debts, remains in effect. He has consequently instructed the State Head of Service to expedite the implementation process, ensuring that pension arrears are paid in accordance with the approved template.

According to the communique, "The template was developed with a gradual approach to clear salary and pension debts, taking into consideration the well-documented and publicized financial status of the state. Despite the challenging financial situation, our administration is focused on meeting the various needs of the state."

Adeleke went on to reiterate his administration's commitment to the welfare of workers, both current and retired. He emphasized that the phased payment directive stands firm and assured pensioners that they are neither forgotten nor neglected.

In addition to the payment of pensions, the Governor revealed that his administration is nearing the completion of a plan to enroll pensioners in the state health insurance scheme, which will address their healthcare needs. Recognizing the importance of continuous healthcare for senior citizens, Adeleke emphasized that enrolling pensioners in the scheme would alleviate the burden of medical expenses during their retirement.

While the details are still being worked out, the Governor assured that once the plan is finalized, it will be promptly implemented for the benefit of the pensioners.

Governor Ademola Adeleke's directive for the immediate payment of pension entitlements demonstrates his administration's commitment to fulfilling its promises and addressing the needs of pensioners. By adhering to the approved template, the government aims to gradually clear outstanding debts while also prioritizing the welfare of workers, both in service and retired. Furthermore, the plan to enroll pensioners in the state health insurance scheme shows a proactive approach to ensure that their healthcare needs are adequately met.

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