Top 3 things to do to get your best skin.

Jul 7, 2023 - 12:34
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Top 3 things to do to get your best skin.
What to do to get your best skin

What to do to get your best skin.

Genetics has a huge impact on how your skin looks, but with a little care, everyone can make their skin happier. Regardless of your skin's current condition, it's a good idea to establish a basic skincare routine to keep your skin looking its best, prevent sun damage, and manage problems like acne, excess oil, and dryness.

Why skincare routine is important.

The outermost layer of skin, or the skin barrier, protects the body from infectious agents, chemicals, allergens, and other toxins. Facial skin is particularly delicate and sensitive. This article will focus on facial skin.


Toners, masks, peel, serums, sunscreen, ceramides, retinol, hyaluronic acid.

 Adopting a basic skincare routine is the best way to help keep your skin at its best and consistency is one of the important factors in good skincare. A good skincare routine can be composed of just a cleanser, vitamin C serum, sunscreen SPF 30, and Retinoid or Retinol.

Step 1: cleanser.

Research has shown that we touch our faces often throughout the day, at least up to 23 times an hour. For most skin types, cleansing your skin in the morning and night is an important step to keep your pores free of dirt, and get rid of excess oil and impurities. So look for Cleaners that suit your skin type.

Most pharmacies offer a variety of formulas for dry, oily, and sensitive skin or a combination of both skin, which is when the nose and forehead are oily, but the cheeks are dry. If you suffer from acne, you can also opt for an acne cleanser. 

Step 2: vitamin C serum.

If you're into skincare, you've probably heard of vitamin C serums. Vitamin C is known as one of the best pro-aging ingredients and is key to maintaining smooth, even, and glowing skin.

 You probably get vitamin C from food, but there is no guarantee that it will reach your skin directly. But using serums and other topical products is the most direct way to get these benefits. 

How to apply vitamin C serum for better results.

Topical vitamin C is generally well tolerated, but review research has shown that concentrations above 20% may cause mild skin irritation. For this reason, its concentration in skin care products is often 10-20%.

All skin products can cause side effects. But a patch test should always be done to assess the risk of an allergic reaction. Here's how:

 1. On a small area of your skin like your forearm that is easy to conceal, apply a small portion of the product and wait for 24hrs.

2. If there are no side effects after 24hrs, then you can apply it to your face. Discontinue if you develop redness, hives, or rashes.

Step 3: sunscreen SPF 30.

According to dermatologists, using an SPF 30 or higher provides much more protection. If you experience sunburns after 10 minutes under the sun, applying an SPF 15 sunscreen or less will allow you to stay in the sun for about 150 minutes

Without getting burns. This is estimated based on skin type, the intensity of sunlight, and the amount of sunscreen used. SPF is a measure of protection from UVB exposure and is not intended to help determine exposure times.

For better results and maximum protection, professionals recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher which blocks 97 to 98 percent of UVB rays, applying an appropriate amount (2mg/cm2 on skin or about 1 oz for full body coverage) and reapplying every 2 hours. 


Most people use only a quarter to half of the required amount of sunscreen and apply it poorly. Using half the required amount of sunscreen will only give you the square root of your SPF. Half a layer of sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 will only give you an effective sun protection factor of 5.5.





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