Helping Children make the right decisions

Jul 5, 2023 - 14:30
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When we hear of parental control, all we think of is the restriction of content a parent puts in place to guide some certain information from getting across to the child which are considered inappropriate or harmful to such child.

However, as we grow, the level of parental control reduces but one thing that is beyond filtering is the kind of information or content we expose ourselves to, based on the choices and decisions we tend to make as we grow some of which we don't want external influences to be attached.

As youths, one of the things we seem not to desire is our parents having a percentage or total control over us, especially in areas we consider them not too updated in. We just want to do our thing the way we seem to see it best for us.

No one wants to be told what to do let alone how to do it, after all, we crave for freedom from the control they've had on us since we were little but now that we can make some decisions for ourselves, we opt out of any form of control whatsoever that our parents may be trying to impress on us. "Come on, the world is moving, this is the computer age, I can do whatever I want when I want it, you can't dictate how I live my life, Stay out of it".

The truth is that no matter how old a child might be, he is still a child in his parent's eyes. It's not about being tossed to and fro but being accountable and responsible. Some decisions are better made when you are accountable to someone, it gives you an edge even when problems to such arises.

A Yoruba adage says "A bèèrè ọnà kìí ṣìnà" meaning "He who asks for direction will not lose their track". Having a mentor/guide gives you leverage, it helps one in terms of choice making especially when your mentor has gone through what you are going through presently.

All around you, there are mentors directly or indirectly, from parents, neighbours, friends, partners and so many people but its left for you to filter the kind of mentor or guide you need that'll help you in the journey of life.

To be continued...

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