The Best Tech Jobs In China 2023: In-demand role with salary

These disciplines have seen substantial investment from China, and there is an increasing need for specialists in these subjects. Additionally, China is home to a huge number of tech giants, like Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba, all of which provide a wealth of employment options.

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Here are the best Tech jobs in china 20233 and their salary wages


A software engineer is an engineering based approach to software development. A software engineer is a person who applies the engineering design process to maintain, design, develop and evaluate computer software.

A software engineer creates web application,mobile app, robots, operating system and network system.

The average salary for a software engineer in china is around 250,000 CNY per year 


A data scientist uses data to understand and explain the phenomena around them,and help organisation to make better decisions

Data scientist examine which questions need answering and where to find the relatable data. Business uses Data scientist to source manage and analyze amount of unstructured data

With a booming tech industry, Data Scientist are in high demand in China. The average salary of a Data Scientist is around 300,000 CNY per year.


A Cyber security specialist is an expert in the field of Information Technology Security. Their job is ensure protection during software development.

With increasing cyber threats, the demand for cyber security specialist is on the rise. The average salary of a Cyber security specialist is around 300,000 CNY per year.


Artificial intelligence (AI) Engineers are responsible for developing, programming and training the complex networks of algorithms that makes up AI so that they can function like a human brain.

An AI Engineer builds AI model using machine learning algorithms. This role requires combined expertise in software development, programming, data science and data engineering.

As China heavily invest in AI Technologies, AI enginners are highly sought after. The average salary for an AI engineer is around 350,000 CNY per year.


An Information Technology Project Manager is a professional charged with overseeing the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around an organisation IT pursuit and goals.

IT Project Managers may work in variety of industries, as nearly all organisation rely on computing technologies. Their average salary in China is around 400,000 CNY.


A UI/UX designer is a professional who identifies new opportunity to create better user experience. They also ensure that the end-to-end journey with their products or service meets desired outcome.

UI/UX design is one among numerous non-technical roles in Tech that doesn't require and coding or programming skills.

With a focus on user experience and aesthetics UI/UX designer are essential in creating and functional digital products. Their average salary is around 250,000 CNY per year.


Blockchain Developers are responsible for designing,building and maintaining distributed ledger systems that enables trustless and secure transactions.

Blockchain Developers work to ensure that the Blockchain is secure, efficient,and scalable

The Blockchain industry is growing rapidly in China creating numerous opportunities for Blockchain Developers. Their average salary in China is around 300,000 per year.


A Cloud Solution Architects is responsible for designing,building, and maintaining distributed ledger systems. 

Cloud Solution Architects work with cloud technologies to develop cloud adoption plans,determine cloud application design, and create system for managing,monitoring,and maintaining the cloud system.

As more businesses adopt cloud technologies, the demand for Cloud Solution Architects is increasing. The average salary for Cloud Solution Architects in China is around 400,000 CNY per year.


This us a field of engineering which centers on building machines that replicates human actions. A Robotics Engineer specializes in the design,development,and maintenance of robotics system.

With a focus on automation and robotics technologies, robotics engineer play a vital role in China's manufacturing and Tech industries. Their average salary is around 400,000 CNY per year.


An IT sales manager is a leadership role within the IT retail industry that manages the sales team. IT sales managers are responsible for managing technical sales within companies.

IT sales professional uses technical and product knowledge to advise and guide customers in purchases and to support them in after-sales care. Their average salary in China is around 500,000 CNY per year.

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