It has been the talk of the town that the famous musician, Tupac Shakur is alive and well. Some people said he was never shot, some said he was never dead and some said he died but woke up by miracle and some said he was never buried. But is Tupac really alive?

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Famous Musician Tupac Shakur


Does Tupac still exist? Tupac Shakur's name appears in headlines more frequently than many other musicians who are still alive, although he has been dead for almost as long as he was alive (25 years). Tupac has appeared in a Snoop Dogg video and led the newest season of Supreme as a hologram in the last year or so alone thanks to deep fake technology.

The late rap icon Tupac has continued his active posthumous career, releasing seven of his eleven platinum albums after his death, headlining Coachella in 2012, and motivating Kendrick Lamar on some of the most significant albums of the 2010s.

The persistent rumor that the late rapper didn't pass away from bullet wounds received in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip on September 13, 1996, but instead fled to Cuba and has been mocking us ever since is one of the major reasons he still feels so ubiquitous. You may discover monthly tabloid pieces on the matter, with new sightings of the rapper and fresh reports on the way he faked his death, by conducting a simple search for "Tupac" on Google News.

"Proof" Tupac is still alive

Knight, who is presently incarcerated, continued to promote this hypothesis in 2017, telling Ice-T in a TV interview, "With Pac, you never know." Pac is allegedly staying in Malaysia and working on a new record, according to his son Jacob.

Even the Tupac Shakur estate, which was run by his mother Afeni Shakur, helped with this marketing strategy. A conspiracy theory that the aforementioned Mr. Boss would later adopt is furthered by the 1997 music video for "I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto" which shows an off-camera Tupac arriving by helicopter in the desert the day after his murder.

In contrast, the outro of Tupac's 2003 posthumous double album Better Dayz has the repeated phrase, "Expect me nigga like you expect Jesus to come back / I'm coming." Eminem, the embarrassing project's producer, blatantly changed Tupac's ad-libs so that he yelled, "G-Unit in the motherfucking house!" and engaged in conversation with guests like Obie Trice and Jadakiss on 2004's dreadful Loyal to the Game, which Afeni problematically signed off.

Tupac was also known for rapping rhymes that alluded to schemes to assassinate his rivals or escape gunshot wounds. In the song "I Ain't Hard 2 Find," he raps, "I heard tales I died/murdered in cold blood, dramatized/pictures of me in my last state/you know mother cried/but that was fiction/some coward got away with it.

Fans have interpreted parts of these songs to relate to his 1996 murder rather than the five shots he survived after being robbed outside New York's Quad Studios back in 1994, which has only served to fuel conspiracy theories.

The individuals who own Pac's music must have been fully aware of the force behind this misconception, as conspiracy theorists often misinterpret his music. There is a general perception that a label executive recognized that promoting the Tupac conspiracy might be a highly profitable commercial move. They are currently watching the monstrosity they have made mutate while excitedly rubbing their hands together.



Is Tupac still alive today?

Why is Tupac believed to still be alive? I once held the conspiracy idea about Tupac to be true. On September 13, 2003, I recall staying up all night because I was certain I was going to see a Yahoo article about Tupac Shakur's comeback. The notion that Tupac faked his death and would come back seven years later was an all-consuming fixation, shared by the tens of thousands of other kids on the "2Pac Lives" forum where I spent my summer vacations researching.

The "evidence" seemed overwhelming: Tupac's last album was titled Makaveli: the 7-Day Theory, which was an intriguing source of inspiration because Niccol Machiavelli, the author of The Prince, talked in his classic work about fooling your adversaries by pretending to be dead.

Strange still, Suge Knight wasn't recognized as the album's executive producer, even though "Simon" was the first apostle to witness Jesus' resurrection. If you listen to "Hail Mary" loud enough, you may hear someone whisper: "You think I'm dead?" at the three-second mark, followed by Tupac's slightly louder response: "Wait seven years!" Tupac (who was shot in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, and died on September 13) took seven days to die.

Right? Right?! I convinced myself that Assata Shakur, Tupac's political revolutionary aunt, would make a great hiding place for her nephew because she has been evading the FBI in Cuba since 1979. Someone even convinced me that the autopsy photo of Tupac was a hoax, made by slicing his sleeping body out of the "California Love (Remix)" music video and Photoshopping it onto a morgue table.



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